Mobile Design and Development

Our expert international team of mobile app and mobile site developers provides custom applications and gaming solutions for mobile operating systems including Apple iOS, Google Android OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and RIM's BlackBerry OS and HTML5. We offer scalable, robust, seamless and interoperable application development solutions.

Why do you need a mobile website?

By 2013, more people will be using mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc. more than desktop PCs to get on online. Mobile searches have grown by 4 times since 2010.

Median smartphone data usage at AT&T was up 888% and up 551% at Verizon this past year. An addition of a mobile website is very cost effective for small to medium size businesses. It has now almost become a necessity.

Does my business need a mobile app?

People are now spending more time on their smartphones each day than they are with newspapers or magazines. Mobile applications are no longer a novelty, they have become integral to a company's overall branding. If you are a medium to large business, a mobile strategy should be part of your company's business plan.

Responsive Design

What is responsive design? Responsive design is more cost efficient for businesses because today there are various sizes of screens, various screen resolutions, etc. People aren't just accessing the web from just a laptop or desktop anymore. There are iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. and a regular website won't degrade well on those smaller screen sizes, so one would have to design a site for each device but responsive design solves most these problems by offering a flexible solution that works well on numerous devices rather than having to develop a separate site for each device.

Our mobile team has experience on all of the top mobile platforms.

 Apple iPhone Gateways
 Google Android
 RIM BlackBerry
 Nokia Symbian
 Windows Mobile and WinCE
 HTML5 and more

Our mobile development process includes the following steps:

Analysis of client's ideas, needs and requirements
Evaluation of application requirements and selection of the proper mobile platform
Developing a prototype of the application supported by an impressive graphic design
Application development after the client's approval of the prototype
Application support/maintenance post application development

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