Web, Mobile and Social Media Strategy

It's no longer enough to simply have a website. You need to engage with customers on social networks, reach them on their mobile phones and iPads, otherwise you are missing a huge portion of business. And everything should be intertwined with social media.

The cost to enter and participate in the social space is minimal. Compared to other forms of marketing, such as print, broadcast and online advertising, the cost to market a business and brand in social media is relatively low.

Writing for the Web

You must speak directly to your audience! Our philosophy at Darius Design is that web and mobile writing is the sixth sense that conveys all the elements of well delivered communication to your target audience. Web writing should have a powerful effect that achieves results.

Web users in general tend to interact with web sites and make decisions in fleeting seconds. They prefer writing that is easy to scan, short, to the point, and objective. Web users distrust content that is heavily choreographed, and overly promotional in style.

Why Social Media?

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For starters, there are 600 million users on Facebook. Facebook has become a form of credibility. Ten years ago, a business website meant you had an online presence, which to consumers, translated that you exist. The same is occurring now with Facebook, it is seen as a form of credibility.

On Twitter, Facebook and Google+ you can instantly let customers know your news, whether it's an announcement or a new product, a special deal, an upcoming event or sale they may be interested in along with receiving valuable instant feedback.

Darius Design can create a social media plan and strategy for you, review which social networks are best for your business needs, along with creating a custom look and design for social media networks, custom backgrounds for Twitter, custom landing pages and apps for Facebook and more.

Let us make the seemingly complicated easy for you!