Web Design and Development

Our international team of expert designers, programmers and project managers specializes in web design, development and marketing strategy. We guide our clients through the entire process of establishing a dynamic web and mobile presence; domain registration, market research, website design and development, copywriting, translation services, web hosting, SEO services and maintenance.

You want to make sure the user has the best possible experience on your website. A professional web designer knows exactly where things such as navigation, calls to action, social media icons, email capture/database building, and graphics need to be placed for the best outcome.

Responsive Design

What is responsive design? Responsive design is more cost efficient for businesses because today there are various sizes of screens, various screen resolutions, etc. People aren't just accessing the web from just a laptop or desktop anymore. There are iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. and a regular website won't degrade well on those smaller screen sizes, so one would have to design a site for each device but responsive design solves most these problems by offering a flexible solution that works well on numerous devices rather than having to develop a separate site for each device.

Our development team is experienced in...

 E-Commerce Applications, Stores, Auctions, Payment Gateways
 Social Networks, Blogs, Forums, Facebook Applications & Pages
 Custom Designed CMS Sites, Drupal, Joomla
 Audio Editing

 Online Auction Systems for any product or service
 Real Estate Auction Systems - RealtyWebWare.com, a division of Darius Design.
 Back-End Programming: PHP, Python, ASP.NET
 Flash, Flex Programming using AS2/3

 Database Development: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
 PHP, CakePHP, ZendFramework
 Python, Django
 JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype.js, YahooUI, Ext JS

Our highly skilled and creative graphics team works in...

 Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Fireworks, Flash
 HTML5 Video